How do you recognize a person with Anxiety?

Anxiety has many symptoms, which can vary from person to person.  So do you know how to recognize when someone is demonstrating anxiety symptoms? Please watch this video so you can learn what is anxiety, so you can recognize it in another person.   What to do next? If you need help with your anxiety,…

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How to help another person with anxiety

Who do you know who has anxiety? If you’ve never had anxiety, but know others who do, do you know how to help them? Since I have had anxiety and also work with those with anxiety, I have discovered the number way that you can use to assist someone who has anxiety. Why would it…

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Are you Speaking Up about your anxiety? Why Not?

Over the last 6 months I noticed that people with depression are being encouraged to speak up. But I have found that it is not the case for you if you have anxiety. From Beyond Blue’s website on anxiety, they state: Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in…

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Is it normal to feel nervous when getting ready to talk to a group?

I was sitting in a meeting recently, and a person got up and said they were very nervous and a little anxious being up in front of the group.  The person running the meeting said “that is normal and natural to be that way. Many great actors and speakers are that way, and it is…

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New School Year - The Eyes of Horus

Preparing your child for the New School Year

I remember back when my son was going from primary school to year 7 at secondary school.  My wife, son and I were invited to an introduction night at the school where they would talk about the upcoming year and the issues that some children have in transitioning from year 6 to year 7. They…

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