Career Impacting Anxiety Program

Are your fears, anxieties or panic get in the way of you doing your work and achieving your goals in your career?

Does your anxiety impact you in areas such as:

  1. Attending and speaking up in team meetings?
  2. Getting your work done on time?
  3. Feeling Stressed all day?
  4. Having one on one meeting with your boss or staff?
  5. Stretching yourself to prove your skills and abilities to get that next promotion?

Did you know you can overcome the challenges that are holding you back in your career by taking action now and overcome your anxiety.

Instead of your Anxiety, Imagine how you would feel and what you would be achieving when you:

  1. Have an inner peace as you speak up in team meetings getting heard and being inspiring.
  2. Doubling your energy so you can be excited in your day to day work.
  3. Believing in yourself so that others believe in you.
  4. Learn how to deal with any symptoms of anxiety before they impact you again.

Our Program to Overcome your Anxiety assists you to:

  1. Be free of your anxiety by finding and releasing those hidden and unknown causes of your anxiety
  2. Understand and learn how to deal with the triggers of the anxiety so you no longer trigger the anxiety that you have done in the past
  3. Help you feel more settled and in control where in the past your were wanting to run away
  4. Learning how to do your work and achieve your career goals with confidence.

This 6 to 12 session program is tailored to your specific type of anxiety, fear or nervousness.


So why wait and put up with the anxiety any longer?

Book a Complimentary session is 60 minutes which is held over the phone or at my clinic room, and after we create a plan to overcome your anxiety and you begin to experience life without anxiety, then you can decide if the program is suitable for you.  There is no obligation.

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