Week 1 -
Boot Camp to Gain Mastery over Anxiety

Below are the week 1 steps in getting to know your anxiety

Each Day you will get access to a new segment as you build your awareness.  The framework of the week is:

  1. Information about anxiety
  2. Self discovery worksheets and activities
  3. Webinar to create positive change and gain mastery over anxiety
  4. Hypnotic visualization to encourage positive changes
  5. Self care worksheets and activities
  6. Review and catch-up day
  7. Q&A Podcast to get answers to your questions posted on facebook

Each day, come back and the next lesson will be available.  You can repeat each lesson as many times as you need.
The worksheets and activities may take anywhere between 5 minutes and 1 hour to complete.
The webinars, visualizations podcast will be between 20 minutes and 45 minutes.
Please note - each lesson helps you build on what you have learned. So if you are uncertain of anything, just put a question on the facebook group and I will help you move forward.

Now take your time and enjoy the journey.

Week 1 - Day 1 - Getting to know your anxiety - webinar

Before you start this webinar, think about your anxiety and how it impacts you. In this way, the webinar will provide you with information on what is anxiety and how you experience it.

As you go through this webinar, think about what you are discovering and ask yourself this question: Does this relate to me in some way?  If so, how and when?


Day 1 - You have been registered for the webinars. Click the link to access the webinar page

Day 1 - Webinar

Action 1 - What did you learn or discover from the webinar.
Put up your thoughts and any questions onto the Boot camp to gain mastery over anxiety, facebook closed group.
I will provide answers to the questions and on Day 7, I will pick a group of questions for the Q&A podcast.

Action 1 - feedback and questions onto close facebook group

Week 1 - Day 2 - What makes your Heart Sing Activity

This activity is to help you learn what makes your heart sing.
As you gain mastery over your anxiety, you need to start to focus on what you want rather than what you have been experiencing.
This worksheet helps you discover what you want to focus on.


Day 2 - Click the link to access the worksheet.  Download and print it off to complete it.  Then reflect on what you learn from the worksheet. Today's worksheet is exploring What makes your Heart Sing.

Day 2 - Worksheet

Week 1 - Day 3 - Teaching you Hypnosis

As you go through your journey in gaining mastery over anxiety, you need to have a place in your mind where you feel safe.
The best way to create this safe place, is through learning an hypnotic visualization, do you can take yourself to your place of safety.
This lesson will teach you how to do the visualization.


Day 3 - Learn this hypnotic visualization of creating a safe place in your mind

Day 3 - Learn to go into Hypnosis

Action 3 - What did you learn or discover from this visualization?
Type up your thoughts and any questions onto the Boot camp to gain mastery over anxiety, facebook closed group.
I will provide answers to the questions and on Day 7, I will pick a group of questions for the Q&A podcast.

Action 3 - feedback and questions onto close facebook group

Week 1 - Day 4 - Hypnotic Visualisation

This activity is to help change your subconscious mind through hypnosis and visualization.
As you listen to this guided visualization you will enhance your ability to go into hypnosis yourself and to develop your place of safety to feel safe and to create positive changes in yourself. You can then do this anywhere and at any time.


Day 4 - Listen to this guided visualization or download and listen to later.

As this is a hypnotic audio, it is important that you find a place where you can sit to go through this session without distractions.

DO NOT listen to this while operating any machinery or while driving.

Now, just find a comfortable place where you can develop your visualization.

Day 4 - Visualization

Week 1 - Day 5 - Self Care Activity

This activity is to help you learn about self-care.  Sometimes when you suffer from anxiety, you think you are looking after yourself.  This quiz will help you get clarity around the self-care you are getting.


Day 5 - Click the link to access the worksheet. Download, print and complete the worksheet on Self-care.  Once you have finished, reflect on what you have learned.

Day 5 - Worksheet

Reminder about your questions

As you go through this boot camp, questions will arise.  I want to help you get answers to those questions.  So go to the Boot Camp Facebook group, and type in your questions.  I will give an answer in the group and then pick a number of them to go through on the Q&A Podcast on Sunday night.

Click here to access the Boot Camp Facebook group.

Week 1 - Day 6 - Review and Catch-up

The reason for the catch-up and review day, is to help to keep you on track.  This Boot camp is about creating positive changes to gain mastery over your anxiety.  Like a real boot camp, it can be challenging and you may feel like giving up.   I encourage you to stick with it.  You have the ability in you to do these activities, learn and create the changes that are needed in your life.

If in doubt, just look in a mirror and say to that person in the mirror, with conviction
"I can do this and I will do this!"

Today is the day where you can catch-up on what you may have missed through the week.  Go back over the activities for the week and find any that you have not done or not yet completed.

Spend time today catching up.

The second activities is to just review your progress with your goals.  When we set goals it means you have a way to measure where you have been against where you want to be.  Sometimes you will go forward, other time you may go backwards.  When that happens you will find that as you persist you will move forward.


Day 6A - Go back over the activities for the week and complete those that are outstanding.


Day 6B - Complete a review of your weekly progress against your goals.

Review the goals you set in your pre-work to this boot camp.  Then click the link to download, print and complete the goals review worksheet.

Day 6 - Goal Review Worksheet

Week 1 - Day 7 - Q&A Podcast

To end the week I want to answer questions that arise during the week or other questions which are often raised about anxiety.

My aim is to help you, through my answers to learn:

  1. The truths about anxiety, and break the myths and untruths out there about anxiety, that can cause you to hold onto anxiety
  2. The new ways to gain mastery and overcome anxiety rather than the old ways of having to live with anxiety and just learn to cope
  3. What you can do to take back control and dispel your anxiety.

Day 7 - Access the Q&A Podcast.

Day 7 - Q&A Podcast

The End of Week 1

Congratulations, you have come to the end of the first week.
By going through these activities you are already getting new insights into your anxiety.  The insights are already creating new neural networks in the brain.

Next week you begin to explore coping and challenging your anxiety symptoms and triggers.