Thank you for joining our Boot Camp

Here are some details to help you on the start of your journey before, during the after the Boot Camp.

What happens next?

The next steps are:

  1. You will get an email repeating all the information below that you will need to start your journey towards gaining mastery over anxiety.
  2. You will get an invitation to join the close facebook group – Gain Mastery over Anxiety Boot Camp.  This group can be used to provide you with information before and during the Boot Camp, and it is a place to provide your information and ask questions.
  3. You will be given the link to a Boot Camp Pre-work web page. This will contain worksheets, videos, audios, eBooks, visualization and presentations to help you prepare for the Boot Camp.
  4. You will get an invite to join the weekly webinars to learn about anxiety and gain the mastery to overcome your anxiety and create positive changes in your life.

When do you find out about the Bonus calls?

Just before the start of the Boot Camp, details will be added to the facebook group about the 2 calls of 15 minutes you can have with David Donahoo, Boot Camp trainer, over the 35 days of the Boot camp.

When will I get the Bonuses mentioned to be available after the Boot Camp

These additional bonuses will be provided in the facebook group near the end of the 35 Days.  Stay tuned for more information.

What if I have any questions?

Once you have access to the close facebook group you can raise any concerns on that facebook group.
You will also have the two 15 minutes calls during the Boot Camp to raise any questions one on one by phone with David.


Gain access to the Gain Mastery over Anxiety Boot Camp pre-work activities

Click this link to gain access to all the pre-work activities you can do before you start the actually 35 days of the Boot Camp.

You will be access to worksheet to learn more about yourself, presentation for learning more about anxiety, a hypnotic guided visualisation, and eBook for to expand your knowledge.