Gain Mastery over Anxiety - Boot Camp
Pre-work Bonuses!


Prior to starting the actual Boot Camp, it is important to build your awareness of yourself and your anxiety so you can get straight into gaining mastery over your anxiety when the Boot Camp starts.

The links below provide you with various worksheets to complete.
There are some videos and ebooks to help you understand the worksheet and how to complete them.
You can go through the worksheets in any order.

Understanding How You Think

Click Action 1 to get access to the PDF worksheet: 07_Thinking_styles_Rep_System - reordered.pdf. Print it and then complete it to understand the Representational Systems you use when you think and process information.  This thinking pattern will explain how you do your Anxiety.   Action 2 helps in filling in the form. Action 3 provides a brief explanation of the Representational Systems and how you think.


Action 1 - The will provide the Representational Systems Thinking pattern worksheet in PDF form.  Please print it and complete it, adding up the values and putting them into the totals at the end.

Action 1

Action 2 - provides a video on how to complete the Representational Systems Thinking Patterns worksheet. Watch this if you need help with the worksheet.

Action 2

Action 3 - After completing the worksheet, watch the video to understand your NLP Representational Systems thinking patterns.

Action 3

Discovering level of Satisfaction in different areas of your life

Click Action 4 to get access to the PDF worksheet: 10_personal-assessment-wheel.pdf. Print it and then complete it to understand the areas of your life that you are more satisfied with and those which may need some work.

This worksheet helps in getting a better understanding of the specific areas of your life that could be impacting or creating your anxiety, that you can change.


Action 4 - The will open the Personal Assessment wheel worksheet as a PDF.  Please print it and complete both page 1 and 2.

Action 4

Action 5 - This ebook will help explain how to complete the personal assessment wheel worksheet, as well as provide explanations and an example of how to use the worksheet.

Action 5

Discovering how stress and anxiety is impacting you

Click Action 6 to get access to the PDF worksheet: stress-anxiety-questionnaire.pdf. Print it and then complete it to understand the level of stress and anxiety you may be experiencing.  Please note: I am qualified with Hypnotherapy and NLP to help you with your stress and anxiety. If you are concerned with the results, you can also see your doctor or psychologist for assistance.

One you have completed the worksheet scroll down and read the brief explanation of the stress and anxiety results.


Action 6 - The will open the Stress and Anxiety Questionnaire as a PDF.  Please print it and complete pages 1 and 2, then collate the results on the scoring page, page 3. Pages 4, 5 and 6 provide a brief explanation of the results.

Action 6

Setting Goals to gain mastery over anxiety during Boot Camp

During the Boot Camp there will be review times on each Saturday to assess how you are going.  The best way to do this is to have several goals that you are working towards so that you can measure your progress.

Importantly when working with goals you need to be aware that the goals are not permanent.  THEY CAN BE CHANGED.  If your review shows you are moving away or finding it difficult to achieve the goal, or you find the goal is not appropriate any more, then change the goal.

Their are two two of goals: Main Goals are the ones you want to work towards achieving during the 35-day boot Camp.  The secondary goals are other goals that you want to achieve as you discover more about yourself.  At least one of the main goals is to be on the theme of gaining mastery and overcoming anxiety.

To set your goals, Click Action 7 to get access to the PDF worksheet: 03_Goals_Sheet.pdf. Print it and then complete it to set your main and secondary goals.  Once you have set your goals, put them away until you start the Boot Camp.


Action 7 - The button will open a goals PDF worksheet.  Please print it and create at least 1 main goal on page 1 and at least one secondary goal on page 2.

Action 7

Hypnotic guided visualization for dealing with anxiety

In this section I have a guided visualization (hypnosis) for you to listen to.
It is a beach relaxation that helps you to get use to my voice as well as learn to relax.
These can be listened to at any time during the day or when you go to bed.
As these are Hypnotic visualisations, please do not listen to while driving or operating machinery. 
Instead, find a nice calm, quiet place to sit and listen to. 

Guided Visualization to help you relax

Click on Visualization 1 to get access to download my hypnotic guided visualization.  Please do not listen to while driving or operating machinery. Instead, find a nice calm, quiet place to sit and listen to. You can listen to this during the day or when you go to sleep.  Just download the MP3 file onto your phone or USB stick and listen to it as you just relax and de-stress.

Visualization 1

Presentations on Learn about fear and anxiety

In this section I have several Presentation for you to watch or listen to.
These help you learn more about overcoming and taking back control over your fear or anxiety.

Learning about overcoming fear and anxiety

These are several presentations I have done on learning about fear, anxiety and moving toward gaining mastery and overcoming anxiety.


Presentation 1 - This is an audio about overcoming fear.

Presentation 1

Presentation 2 - This is a webinar presentation on taking back control of your anxiety

Presentation 2

eBooks to Learn about anxiety

In this section I have several eBooks I have written for you read and learn more about anxiety before the Boot Camp starts.

Learn more about about anxiety to gain mastery over anxiety

These eBooks have been written to answer a variety of question that arise with people who have anxiety.  These can be read at any time.  They are informational eBooks.  These books are suitable for those who experience anxiety, those who know someone with anxiety, and those who help others overcome anxiety.


ebook 1 - 10 reasons why you don't overcome anxiety and what to do about it

I have been asked many time how to overcome anxiety.  This eBook lists 10 reasons why you may hold on to your anxiety, and what you can do to start letting your anxiety go.

eBook 1

ebook 2 - 3 Secrets to eliminate presentation anxiety

Many people have issues with presenting in front of a group of 3 or more people.   This eBook will explain 3 secrets you can use to understand and gain mastery over the fear you had before or during presenting.

eBook 2

ebook 3 - 5 Tips to getting your work done easily and effortlessly without feeling Anxious

This eBook contains 5 tips that help to release anxiety so you can focus on getting your work done.

eBook 3

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat do you do if you have problems with these downloads?

    If you have issues with the downloads, please either put a message up on the Boot Camp closed facebook page or send me an email to

    In the message please advise what the problem is so I can make sure it is fixed for you and others.

  • q-iconWhat if I struggle with doing some of the worksheet?

    If you are struggling with any worksheet, firstly, please watch the associated video or read the report that explains about completing the worksheet.

    If you still have concerns or questions, please put a message up on the Boot Camp closed facebook page, explaining you struggle.

  • q-iconWhat do I do if I get questions on what I am learning from the worksheets, audios, videos or eBooks?

    I am very happy to answer any of your questions and invite you to have questions on what you are learning.

    To get answers to your questions, please add a message to the Boot Camp closed facebook page with what you want to know.

  • q-iconDo I have to do all of these before the Boot Camp starts

    These bonuses of pre-work have been provided to help prepare you for the Boot Camp.
    In running the Boot Camp I would prefer that you at least do the 6 actions to complete the worksheets because these will be referenced during the Boot Camp.

    If you can listen to the visualization, watch the presentations and read the eBooks, that would be very beneficial because it get you into the habit of learning before the Boot Camp.