Thank you for your interest in our Boot Camp to Gain Mastery over Anxiety and Live a Life of Freedom!

The current boot camp has closed.

Our next Boot camp is due to be released early 2019.


Here is some information about our Next Boot Camp to gain mastery and overcome anxiety

Why do our Boot Camp to gain mastery and overcome anxiety?

  • Anxiety stops you from learning, so learn about anxiety to stop it
  • You can have more than just coping with anxiety
  • It is a way to move forward with support from those who have experience in overcoming the negative thoughts, uncomfortable feelings and poor behaviours of anxiety
  • Gain confidence, resilience and a way forward to achieve and celebrate a more relaxed and controlled life
  • You deserve it...

Who is the Boot Camp for?

This Boot camp is for committed people who want to join a group and do focused work for 35 days to end their anxiety problem and live free of it.
We are looking for people who have a burning desire to end their anxiety or panic attacks within as short a time period. People who are committed to do what is needed to get great results!

What do you discover by doing the Boot camp?

The aim of the boot camp is to help you learn about what is and is not anxiety, explore how to cope when anxious symptoms appear, discover your triggers so you an change your response, release the causes of anxiety, and then learn to live without anxiety.

This is achieved over the 5 weeks.  Each week has a different theme.

Why this course is different from any other Anxiety releasing course?

⇒ Based on industry best practices that work
⇒ Created from personal experience plus knowledge on what works and does not work
⇒ You are trained by the person who wrote the course,
⇒ Your trainer is qualified as a trainer, a therapist and a coach
⇒ No-one else is offering a package like this
⇒ You not only gain mastery over your anxiety, you also get to learn how to live free of it
⇒ The tools and techniques you use and learn are worth more than your investment
⇒ You are supported all the way through the journey


About Our Trainer - David Donahoo

Trainer, coach and speaker (David Donahoo) is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer who specializes in overcoming anxiety.

David has developed his own method for helping people gain mastery over anxiety with hypnotherapy, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting and visualization.

David has helped thousands of people deal with their anxiety and other mental and emotional issues to reach their goals.