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This Boot camp is an exclusive 5 weeks (35 day) Online Program for people who want to breakthrough their anxiety. By the end of the 35 days you can expect to feel like a new person as your anxiety falls away and you create the new you.

Our next 35 Day Boot Camp start soon.
You will learn about anxiety and yourself and create changes to gain mastery over anxiety.

Are you frustrated with life pass you by due to your anxiety

Have you ever felt that you had so much potential but your anxiety was always getting in the way of you achieving it?

Are you one of the 25% of the population who suffers from anxiety regularly and haven’t been able to overcome it?

Are you triggered, but not know how so that you can’t cope and just want to run and hide?  If so, then let us help you gain mastery over your anxiety!

In this 35-day Online Boot Camp, we are going to break down your anxiety into small pieces that we will shatter or transformed, so you overcome your anxiety through our daily step by step plan working on your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

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Why do this Boot Camp?

  • Anxiety stops you from learning, so learn about anxiety to stop it
  • You can have more than just coping with anxiety
  • It is a way to move forward with support from those who have experience in overcoming the negative thoughts, uncomfortable feelings and poor behaviours of anxiety
  • Gain confidence, resilience and a way forward to achieve and celebrate a more relaxed and controlled life
  • You deserve it...

Who is the Boot Camp for?

This Boot camp is for committed people who want to join a group and do focused work for 35 days to end their anxiety problem and live free of it.
We are looking for people who have a burning desire to end their anxiety or panic attacks within as short a time period. People who are committed to do what is needed to get great results!

How much time will it take?

The Gain Mastery Over Anxiety Boot camp is designed to fit in your day easily. You can expect to spend about 30-45 minutes a day learning or implementing what you learn. If you fall behind over the 35 days you will be quickly able to catch up.

All lessons and activities will be available for you after the end of the 35 days, to repeat anytime once you have joined the program.

Here's what occurs Each Day during the Boot Camp

Monday Informational

Informational Webinar accessible on any device. These webinars help you learn about the theme of the week. It prepares you for the rest of the week.

Tuesday Worksheets

You will receive checklists and worksheets to complete to help you review yourself and gain a better understanding of yourself, your anxiety and your life.

Wednesday Videos

On these days you will get to watch a webinar for activities and steps to gain mastery over your anxiety. These can be repeated to create changes in your life.  

Thursday Exploration

You will receive a video, audio or ebook which explores the topic from the worksheets from Tuesday to explore and help you understand yourself even more.

Friday Q&A Webinar

This webinar will answer in detail, the questions you put up in the closed facebook group.

The call times are generally in the evening with a recording of the webinar available the next day.

Saturday Review

These audio sessions are where you are encouraged to review where you are at compared to your goals.  Any questions that you get while doing your review, I encourage you to put up on the closed facebook group.

Sunday Visualisations

To help you on your journey to gaining mastery over anxiety, you will receive one or more guided visualisations to listen to.  One of these will teach you self-hypnosis.

Private Facebook Group

It's an area where you will get support and encouragement to achieve the goals you set. Accountability and support are the key component of this group.

What do you discover by doing the Boot camp?

The aim of the boot camp is to help you learn about what is and is not anxiety, explore how to cope when anxious symptoms appear, discover your triggers so you an change your response, release the causes of anxiety, and then learn to live without anxiety.

This is achieved over the 5 weeks.  Each week has a different theme.

Week 1 - Get to know your anxiety

Week 2 – Coping and Triggers

♦ What is anxiety and what it is not
♦ Anxiety of thoughts, feelings and behavior
♦ What is the real message of your anxiety
♦ Becoming aware of the benefit of anxiety
♦ Creating and visualizing a safe place for safe change work.

♦ Actions to cope with anxiety symptoms
♦ Discover what are anxiety triggers
♦ Find your anxiety triggers
♦ Focus on the triggers and take back control.

Week 3 - Releasing the causes

Week 4 - Becoming Emotionally Mindful and creating excitement

♦ Discover the causes of your anxiety
♦ Release the emotions from the past
♦ Reimprint a new confident you
♦ Create a new confident you
♦ Apply changes to your whole life and future.

♦ Learn to be mindful of your emotions
♦ Understand what your emotions are telling you
♦ Bring in excitement and curiosity into your life
♦ Learn to be ok with feeling some discomfort

Week 5 - Filling the gap and long term mastery

♦ Build confidence in the areas impacted in your past anxiety
♦ Discover how to create more of what you want
♦ Get a buzz from learning new behaviors
♦ What to do if your symptoms appear in the future
♦ Know that you are gaining mastery over your anxiety symptoms
♦ Be confident in living anxious-free.

Why this course is different from any other Anxiety releasing course?

⇒ Based on industry best practices that work
⇒ Created from personal experience plus knowledge on what works and does not work
⇒ You are trained by the person who wrote the course,
⇒ Your trainer is qualified as a trainer, a therapist and a coach
⇒ No-one else is offering a package like this
⇒ You not only gain mastery over your anxiety, you also get to learn how to live free of it
⇒ The tools and techniques you use and learn are worth more than your investment
⇒ You are supported all the way through the journey
⇒ Your investment is just $50 for 5 fortnightly payments. This is a major saving on the thousands of $$$ I spent to overcome my anxiety

Bonuses included in the Boot Camp

  • Pre-boot camp educational worksheets and explaining videos

    When you sign up you will receive a number educational worksheets and explaining videos for you to learn more about yourself and your anxiety before the boot camp starts
    (Valued at $397)

  • 2 x 15 min personal Q&A calls

    Anytime over the 5 week boot camp, you will be able to have 2 x 15 min personal Q&A calls with me.  These will be used to answer your specific questions around your experience of gaining mastery and overcoming your anxiety. You will also receive a written summary of the call, after the call.
    (Valued at $197)

  • Instructional worksheets and videos for long term mastery

    To help you to continue to gain mastery over anxiety after the boot camp, you will receive numerous instructional worksheets and videos after the boot camp to help you with long term mastery.
    (Valued at $397)

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90 Day No Risk Guarantee

This Boot Camp has a 90-day full money back guarantee from the day you join.

What that means is that if you do not feel you have gotten the desired result, you can get a full refund of the program up to 90 days after you register.

The work I do is to deliver the techniques and activities that work so the very best results achieved in short period of time.


If you suffer from anxiety I believe you have to take action to learn and then release it. Every area of your life will benefit.

Think about this for a moment. What difference would it make to your life if you were living without your anxiety. How that would your career, your family life and your overall sense of well-being be impacted?

It hard to put a price on that type of freedom. But it is not hard to see the benefits of this Boot camp compares to the cost of a months of therapy. This alternative is much more expensive plus it does not offer you a guarantee of a result! You really have nothing to lose.

I know you will succeed because I have seen complex cases of anxiety disappear. It just takes action. If YOU are ready to take that action, we are ready to help you every step of the way. Let’s do this together.

Let’s make you the champion of your own life. Join the Boot camp today!

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5 fortnightly payments of $50

This includes:

  • 35 Day Boot camp to gain mastery over anxiety
  • Bonus 1 - Pre-boot camp educational worksheets, videos, audios and eBooks (Valued at $397)
  • Bonus 2 - 2 x 15 min personal Q&A calls (Valued at $197)
  • Bonus 3 - Instructional worksheets and videos to use after the boot camp (Valued at $397)
  • Access to the Boot Camp exclusive closed Facebook group for information and support
  • Able to repeat the program again and again to gain the mastery over anxiety you deserve
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About Our Trainer - David Donahoo

Trainer, coach and speaker (David Donahoo) is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer who specializes in overcoming anxiety.

David has developed his own method for helping people gain mastery over anxiety with hypnotherapy, NLP, Matrix Reimprinting and visualization.

David has helped thousands of people deal with their anxiety and other mental and emotional issues to reach their goals.

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