Steps to help another person with anxiety

Have you ever seen a person having an anxiety attack?  It is not pleasant for the person experiencing the anxiety and it can be awkward if you are watching and don’t know what to do.  When I asked friends what do you do to help a person experiencing anxiety, they do not know. Having had…

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Are you confused about whether you have anxiety or stress?

There is often confusion between stress and anxiety. They are different and the resolution of anxiety needs to be different from resolving stress. Please watch this video so you can learn the difference and how to resolve each.   What to do next? If you need help with your anxiety, book in for a complimentary…

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How do you recognize a person with Anxiety?

Anxiety has many symptoms, which can vary from person to person.  So do you know how to recognize when someone is demonstrating anxiety symptoms? Please watch this video so you can learn what is anxiety, so you can recognize it in another person.   What to do next? If you need help with your anxiety,…

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How to help another person with anxiety

Who do you know who has anxiety? If you’ve never had anxiety, but know others who do, do you know how to help them? Since I have had anxiety and also work with those with anxiety, I have discovered the number way that you can use to assist someone who has anxiety. Why would it…

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Are you Speaking Up about your anxiety? Why Not?

Over the last 6 months I noticed that people with depression are being encouraged to speak up. But I have found that it is not the case for you if you have anxiety. From Beyond Blue’s website on anxiety, they state: Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. On average, one in…

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