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Being 100% Responsible

A man who I will call Ben (not his real name), saw me about his relationships with his partner because he had been kicked out of his home.  His wife had taken out a restraining order against him. He blamed her for not letting him into the home and being included as part of the family.  He explained he was very busy at work trying to provide for his family, but his wife’s main concern was that he would not listen to her or talk to her, so she made him leave.

A mother, who I will call Jill (not her real name), worked full time, as did her husband. She would come home each night and cook dinner. She had two teenage children who would leave the house in a mess and she would have to clean up each night, put their clothes in the washing machine, iron their clothes, as well as her husbands and her own clothes.  By the weekend she was exhausted.  She came to see me about her weight. When I asked her why she did all those activities around the house rather than delegate, she replied that she was happy to do it because it made life easier for the other family members, even though it was exhausting to her.

In both of these cases, for Jill and Ben, neither were taking 100% responsibility for themselves.  In Ben’s case, he was part of the problem. He could not understand what he had done wrong because he saw that he was providing financially for the family and expected that was all he need to do.  He was unaware that he was also responsible for being part of the family and building a loving relationship with his wife and children.  He was only taking a portion of the responsibility that he should have been taking and not the 100% that could have enabled him to have been aware of the problems in the relationship with his wife before he was told to leave.

In Jill’s case, she was taking much more than 100% responsibility for herself and the family.  Rather than teaching her children and her husband to do tasks around the house and be responsible for their tidiness, she took it on. The consequence was that she was exhausted, but more importantly, she was not teaching others to take 100% responsibility for themselves.

In our world, there are many things that can impact our life, career, health and wealth.  Taking 100% responsibility means that you are responsible for your own choices, decisions, emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Action for This Week

In your life at home or work, are you taking responsibility for yourself and what you do?  If so, fantastic. If not, what could you change so you either: stop being responsible for what is not yours to be responsible for, or take back responsibility for yourself for what you have not been responsible.

Have a good week

David Donahoo

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