Be the change you want to see

Be the Change You Want to See

Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’ What he was saying was for a change to occur in the world, you need to change. You need to demonstrate to others an improved behaviour that they can observe, learn, apply to their lives.

The challenge in doing this is deciding what the change is that you want to see. If you want peace in the world, it may require you to treat others as you want to be treated. This means you demonstrate to yourself and others, an acceptance of those around you. This does not mean that you agree with what they do or say. It simply means that you allow them to be who they are so they will accept you as you are.

Action for This Week

Consider a person you know at work, in your family or on television that you do not like. You know they are the way they are. You can expect them to act in certain ways and say certain things that you do not like. If you accept them as they are, then you know you are demonstrating what you want in your life, which is for others to accept you with all your behaviours and traits.

Have a good week

David Donahoo

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