Be Successful in 2015

Are you planning to be successful in 2015?  There is a saying “failing to plan is the same as planning to fail!

Are you interested in helping yourself to help others?  Many people talk about how they want to help others, but fail to plan it and end up failing to help. They get dispirited, lose their interest and don’t succeed in helping people who really could do with their help.  That help could be professional help like I do in coaching, educating and therapy, or it could be just assisting someone to gain clarity in their life.

Go forward to the end of 2015 and looking back over the year. Do you want to see yourself having had a successful year where people are saying “Thank you for your help during the year?” or do you want to be ignored and forgotten?

My plan for 2015 is to help more people learn and become coaches so they can help others in the areas of life, career, health, wealth, relationships and personal development, by:

  • Experiencing coaching through my 8 day NLP Practitioner and 9 day NLP Master Practitioner course. Each course will be an intensive coaching session.  One person, who went through the course recently, was so successful that he released his procrastination, became very motivated and completed another course he had been struggling with earlier than everyone else.
  • Learning the skills and how to coach others in your area of expertise. You may not be aware, but you and everyone around you have expertise in some area of life. I remember a person who loved doing quilting.  She did not see herself as an expert because she was in a class to learn more.  But when the teacher got sick, she was asked to run the class and was able to.  She learned she had an expertise that others could learn from.
  • Gaining clarity in what you know so that you can coach people using your own knowledge, experience and understanding. Often we lack success because we lack clarity and awareness rather than lacking expertise.  You would be surprised who could learn from you.
  • Helping you to become a coach to change careers, take up a part-time role or expand your current role using what you have learned through your life, rather than ignoring it and losing it.


If you are interesting in helping others then consider becoming a qualified and accredited coach recognized with the Australian Board of NLP (ABNLP) where you increase your success with yourself and others as well as increase your wealth for 2015.

I can help you to plan your success through the NLP Practitioner 8 day and NLP Master Practitioner 9 day training.  Our first training starts on the March long weekend (8 – 10 March 2015) in Mt Waverley.  Just imagine what you can achieve in 2015 if you put your mind to it?

To find out more, visit  and register your interest or email David at:

Have a great day achieving your success.


David Donahoo

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