Aura and Chakra Readings

Ever wondered what is happening in your life?  Are you living a balanced life, or is it full of chaos, negative emotions or destructive thoughts?

Our Aura and Chakra readings, using the Biofeedback Aura Video Station program, provides an accurate reading of your aura, chakras, energy and emotions are currently in your life.

What  Is Biofeedback Aura Video Station

Every individual has a sensitive network of electrical channels moving along the surface of the body. Biofeedback Aura Video Station is the resulting information from collecting a person’s electrical activity which is then used to create a unique profile analysis. This data allows the user to understand the workings of the body, as well as the psycho-physiological involvement in overall well-being.

The body’s internal communications through synaptic nerve connections determine and influence mental and physical states. Now, the science of biofeedback will not only aid in the understanding of physical bodies, but can be used to achieve an overall state of balance.

Although not a new technique for assessing a person’s mental and emotional state, its application to digital technology is ground-breaking for the wellness industry. Inneractive has created a unique system which can be used as a multimedia natural health tool.

Inneractive aura-imaging systems use a proprietary hand biosensor to measure the individual’s internal temperature and electro-dermal activity. This biofeedback data is then processed and presented on screen. Patented software creates aura-chakra images as a personal representation of the individual’s overall health and well-being. The images and graphs portray several characteristics of the person’s physical, emotional and mental health. This provides the information needed to find the best solutions for natural holistic healing and client progress.

As this program is interactive, as you change your thoughts, feelings or focus in life, it will be displayed on the computer real time.  This means you don't just get a picture of the aura around your head.  Instead you get to see what is happening with your full aura, chakras and energy fields.