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Are you Empathic?

A few years ago I used to watch a show called Psychic Kids.  In this show, several children and their parents would stay at a location over a weekend and learn to develop their abilities.  The show helped kids who had abilities but did not know how to use them and helped the parents to understand their kid’s psychic abilities.

One of the main issues that the kids needed help with, was their ability to be empathic!

What is empathic and why is it a problem?  Empathic is the ability of one person to feel the emotions, feelings or sensations of another person.  As an empathic psychic myself, I know how to use and control this ability. I can tune into another person and become aware of their feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, joy, happiness or whatever else is going on in them.  By knowing this, I can easily and quickly ask the relevant questions to get that person in touch with their deeper feelings so they can be cleared.

The problem many people have is they are not aware of their empathic ability.  This means that they feel the feelings of the family members, friends or even crowds of people.  They do not realise they are tuning into other people’s emotions and believe them to be their own feelings.  Therefore, when they try to let the feelings go, they are unable to do so.

Some of the consequences of being empathic are that a person may develop anxiety, become overwhelmed or have mood swings because they are not aware of their ability and do not know what to do about it.

Recently I helped a girl and a young woman with anxiety. Realising they were empathic I have helped them to understand what being empathic means.  I showed them ways to check whether the emotions they felt were theirs or someone else.  By doing this check, they can now step away from the feelings that are not theirs.  This understanding and actions help them to release their anxiety.

Action for This Week

Who do you know that may suffer from anxiety because they pick up other people’s feelings without releasing it?  If you do know someone with this ability, do you know how to help them?

If you or they need help to understand this ability and what to do about it, please contact me via www.theeyesofhorus.com.au

Have a good week

David Donahoo

The Eyes of Horus

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  • Hello David,

    Being an empath is not easy at all as overwhelming, exhaustion and tiredness are the first symptoms while being around people. Empaths try to fully vibe with whoever is around by feeling their emotions, their problems and so on. Also, it is their way to connect with others but there are several ways for them to cope with empathy. The first and most important thing for an empath is to know who they are, their intentions and emotions. This easy tip can help any empath because they can clearly recognize which emotions and issues do not belong to them.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!