Psychic Development 101 Course

Explore the world of the psychic and develop your own psychic skills

You are a spirit living a human experience, supported by your higher self, your energy field and the Spirit World.

However, Do You Know How to connect with your psychic abilities to enhance your human experience and awaken from your spiritual sleep?  Let our Psychic Development 6-week course help you.

This course is an introduction to the psychic and spirit world. Each week you will learn and develop a different aspect of the psychic world.

Aims of the Psychic Development course are to help you:

  • Understand what psychic is,
  • Learn about divination and develop psychic abilities,
  • Discover how to apply your psychic abilities to everyday life.

Structure of the Psychic Development sessions?

  • Open session and invite in spirit world with an intention
  • Explain topic: what and why
  • How develop topic area; do exercises such as in Sonia's book
  • Feedback from participants
  • Discuss relevant Hay house authors
  • Explain home-tasks
  • Close session, thanking the spirit world for their assistance

Who should attend:

  • The course is for beginners or for anyone who has had psychic experience and now are ready to develop their skills and understanding.
  • You are willing to be challenged to expand your understanding
  • There is a passion or curiosity to learn, share and grow
  • You are able to attend all 6 sessions.

Topics for the 6 Psychic Development sessions:

  • What is psychic and what it means to use psychic abilities. Explain divination and intuition and play with angel cards in high level. Do Sonia psychic check exercise
  • The 4 Claires and how they relate to you. Introduction to expanding your intuitive senses based on Stuart Wilde
  • Protection options, what they are, and how crystals help with protection
  • Numerology – based on Michelle Buchanan - NZ
  • Pendulum and using Energy
  • Exploring numerous Divination tools

When and Where is the Psychic Development course?

  • When: Thursday Nights from: 7pm to 9pm
  • Dates: May 2017
  • Where:  39 Anderson St, Templestowe (inside Hypoxi Body contours). Park in car-park between Wood St and James St. Enter from car park.

Interested in Psychic Development, then ACT NOW and book in for the 6-week class. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 6 people who can attend each course. 

Book by emailing David at: or call on 0419 517 716.