Anxiety, Life or Spiritual Coaching

Are you looking for help for issues associated with your mind and spirit?

Is Anxiety stopping you from: doing your work; speaking to people; getting a good night sleep or enjoying the life you want to live? 

Are Your Dreams for Life being put aside, as life, family, commitments, work or health interfere? Is your dream unclear or lost its focus?

Are you being guided to learn more about that non physical, intuitive, energy or spiritual side to help you make more sense of life and the spirit world?

Our various Coaching Programs, with David Donahoo, can help you learn, discover, explorer and Transform Your Dreams into Reality!

One of the best-kept secrets of successful people, is they know they have a gap in their knowledge, understanding or mindset that stops themselves from achieving their potential.

Observe anyone achieving major success and you will find that they've all had valuable guidance and direction, and more often than not, it comes in the form of a mentor or coach.

Our Coaching programs help you activate the power of your mind and spirit to transform your dreams into reality by:

  • Overcoming the obstacles to your dreams such as anxiety or fear
  • Helping you gain clarify on your dreams
  • Identifying your goals and tasks to transform your dreams
  • Dealing with your limiting unconscious mindsets and behaviour patterns
  • Keeping your mind and spirit focused on achieving your success
  • Discover the power of intuition in making decisions that benefit your transformation
  • Providing guidance to keep you on track in your journey

My Commitment TO You is to:

  • Use my skills and abilities to assist you to create changes in your mind, clear emotions, develop new behaviors and gain understanding and knowledge of how your spirit can work with you.
  • Provide you with the tools for you to take actions towards your potential
  • Provide a guiding light to help you to transform from dreams into reality

My Commitment FROM You is to:

  • Be accountable for your actions and your results.
  • Complete the tasks either during the coaching or outside the coaching
  • Be curious and open to create change
  • Ask questions when you need clarification.

Our Coaching Programs:

Our Anxiety Coaching is for those who are struggling with anxiety. Whether you have learned to cope with anxiety, fear or nervousness, or just have it, this coaching is to help you overcome your anxiety for good.  You learn how to be free of chronic anxiety and deal with uncomfortable situations, events or people in a constructive and positive way.

Our Life Transformation Coaching is for those who are struggling with achieving their dreams or who want to take their life or career, in a new direction.

Our Spiritual Coaching programs tailored to help you on your spiritual journey. Through David’s knowledge, insight and abilities in the spiritual and energetic realms, he is able to help guide you through your evolution. Program is suitable whether you are new to the spiritual world or have been studying it for years.

Our programs help you get clarity, release blockages, gain insights and take positive actions, and create new behaviours.

OUR COACHING OPTIONS ARE (select for more details):