At the Eyes of Horus our guiding light can transform your dreams into reality using Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy. As you release mental, emotional or spiritual issues that have been holding you back from achieving your enjoyable life, career, finances, relationships and health.

Transform your Dreams into Reality

Are you suffering from issues like Anxiety or Stress? Do you want to overcome these issues? Do you know how to achieve what you want in life?

What if you had a skilled NLP coach and hypnotherapist, who understood the unconscious mind and was able to help you release those issues form the past and help you transform your dreams into your new reality? Someone to help you change your internal communication and mindset as you create new inner resources to use from now.

Mind and Spirit

Those issues stopping you from moving forward, are often more than just your mental constraints. Your spirit, your direction, your purpose; whatever name you want to call it, is part of the puzzle. Working with the mind and spirit empowers you to develop your new life; your new reality.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching

Sometime you only need 3 sessions to overcome your old behaviours, such as quit smoking. These are our Hypnotherapy / NLP sessions. Other times it takes 3 or 6 months to help release the issues and create the new mindset to have your new reality. This is our coaching programs.

To make a booking

If you are unsure, as many people are, on what you need, book in for a complementary discovery with David where we will explore what is holding you back, identify what you want instead and determine how to help you achieve your desired outcome.